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Olives from Stigs oliven
Soft & Dark Spanish Aragon olives – Firm & green Italian Latina olives

Kr. 85,-

Lemon, sour cream & toasted sourdough bread
Rosini Gold label, 30 grams – Kr. 445,-



Dill herring
Ryebread, Elderflower, egg & fennel

Kr. 125,-

Lobster bisque
Fried Norweigan lobster, Fennel, Chorizo, chorizo oil & Croustade

Kr. 175,-

Smoked tatar of salmon
Cream cheese, cellery, chives, pickled green tomatoes & ryebread

Kr. 155,-

Mushroom toast
Fried egg, pickled onions, crest & semidried tomatoes

Kr. 145,-

Mustard, tarragon, chorizo, fried onoins & crest

Kr. 135,-

Duck terrine
Sweet & pickled condiments & brioche bread

Kr. 185,-

Tatar from Mønstergård
Pickled tomato, asparagus mayo, rygbread crumble & crest

Kr. 165,-

Fish of the day
Please ask your waiter

Kr. 275,-

Cheese 3 or 5 pcs.
Crackers, red onion marmalade & lemon broken gel.

Kr. 95,- / Kr. 130,-

Desert of the day
Please ask your waiter

Kr. 95,-

Please inform the staff if you have any allergies.

Yours Sincerely
Martin and the team behind Restaurant 1B