Lunch menu

Velkommen til Restaurant 1B


All Dishes are served with our home baked sourdough bread, ryebread from our local baker & whipped butter

Smoked Prawns from Bakkarøgeriet
Lemon mayo & Garlic/Parsley butter

Kr. 155,-

Dill Herring
Elderflower – Fennel – Egg

Kr. 120,-

Fish of the day
Ask your waiter

Chicken & N´duja
Mushrooms & Onions

Kr. 145,-

Duck Liver Terrine
Duck – Portwine – Gooseberries

Kr. 160,-

New local potatoes
Chorizo – Mustard – Chives

Kr. 145,-

Tatar of Veal from Mønstergård
Smoke – Potatoe chips – Pine

Kr. 155,-

Cheese serving
Ask your waiter

Kr. 105,-

Add 10 gram Rossini Black label Caviar to any Dish

Kr. 165,-

Dessert of the day

Kr. 100,-

Please inform the staff if you have any allergies.

Yours Sincerely
Martin and the team behind Restaurant 1B