Evening menu

Welcome to Restaurant 1B

Crustade & Dild

Kr. 55,-

Snacks & bubbles
Cava, Honor, Jean Vidal, Reserva, Penedes, Spain

Kr. 115,-


Norwegian Lobster
Tomato – Daikon – Peas

New Potatoes
Lovage – Asparagus – Onion

Extra course:
Confit Pork
Garlic – Apple – Soya

Deer (+Kr. 30,-)
Truffle – Carrots – Gooseberries


Fish of the day
With local greens & creamy Shellfish sauce

Extra course:
Citrus – Elderflower – Citrus

Gateau Marcel
Rhubarb – White chocolate – Kefir

4 course menu kr. 495,- (the 4 courses in bold)
5 course menu kr. 565,- (add 1 course, you decide)
6 course menu kr. 615,- (All 6 courses on the menu)

3 or 5 pieces of cheese with local condiments

Kr. 95,- / Kr. 105,-


Wine for your dinner

Wine pairrng

(1 glass of wine for every course)

4 glasses kr.415,-
5 glasses kr. 475,-
6 glasses kr. 525,-

Drivers winepairing

(If you wanna drink wine, but is the designatet driver)

4 glasses of wine kr. 285,-
Or choose from our Wine list


A great evening in Svaneke

Cava, Snacks, 4 Courses, Winepairing, Water, Coffee & petit four

Kr. 995,-


An extraordinary evening in Svaneke

Champagne, Snacks, 6 Courses, Wine pairing, + A little extra, Water, Coffee, petit four & Avec

Kr. 1.395,-

Please inform the staff if you have any allergies.

Yours Sincerely
Martin and the team behind Restaurant 1B